Visual AI Technology
for the Fashion Industry

A unique way to solve your backend and sales paradigms

The next logical innovation for the Fashion Industry

Visual AI Solutions for fashion that truly change the game

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You are one step away to increase Basket Sizes and Conversion Rates

Wide Eyes Technologies has developed a unique Image Recognition and Artificial Intelligence technology for the fashion and eCommerce industry. This technology does not only allow users to discover fashion through images but also index, search, tag and find images without using a single word.
Today, we can truly change the paradigm and claim: “a picture doesn’t worth 1000 words… a picture worth a picture”.

Less searching time | More shopping time

Getting visitors is a hard effort, turning them into costumers is the real deal

We are changing the way we shop

Retailers and eCommerce can not categorize anymore what their customers like. The acces to information (higher then ever) turn costumers into online shopping experts who decide through what and where to shop. Our tools will help you and your customers to find each other in the process of shopping. Wide Eyes Technologies breaths new air into your shop, eCommerce or App.


Visual AI Technology for all devices

Wide Eyes Technologies believes in the omnichannel: in a customer with different options of shopping, different moments but the same objective.